Hello, I’m Kane.

Kane is my chosen name, not just as an internet-pseudonym but also as a life-pseudonym, if you will. I’m trans*-gender. Choosing a name in the process of your coming out as trans* isn’t as much fun as it may sound. I’m fairly certain, however, that ‘Kane’ is the one I’ll be wearing for the rest of my life, so, it was at least worth the effort.

Trans* in my case (as there are different cases of trans*-identities) means that I don’t categorize myself in the gender-dichotomy – I’m neither female or male. I’m a human being, a person. Talking about me (if one so chooses) one may use ‘she,’ or the singular ‘they’ – I do not identify, however, with ‘he.’

This may all sound terribly complicated and earnest and confusing – but don’t let yourself be fooled: I’m not that complicated, never earnest, and only confuse people for fun. You came here to learn more about me and, well, the above is essentially what I newly learned about myself. Everything else is just good ol’ me – and that is not terribly interesting.

Let me give you a few facts, anyway: German, about average height, wearing glasses (and needing new ones), ginger, blogger (obviously) – obsessed with all kinds of things I’m writing about – and lifelong scholar.

A word about ‘Corikane’: this is my writing-pseudonym, I guess you can call it. Cori is short for Coriolanus as I’m a Shakespearean (not in the scholarly definition of the word but simply because I feel a kinship to the bard and what he represents) and always feel more comfortable if there’s some reference to the master in everything I do and am. You can find most of my writing on the net under this name – if you’re inclined to look for it. I’m on, AO3, Dreamwidth, and Live Journal. And here on wordpress.


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