What’s this about?

Well, I think about things. We all do. But when I think about things I like to write about them and share them with other people – I guess that’s what all bloggers do.

What am I thinking about?

Fictional characters, mostly. Whether I’m inventing new ones, write fanfictions about existing ones, or contemplate their life choices, their meaning, their value as stereotypes. I think about them all the time.

You may think it’s a waste of time, that’s your prerogative. You may also think that it’s great and spend all your time here from now on, another prerogative.

Whether you’ll be reading this or not, I will still be here writing. Because it’s my time, it’s my thoughts, it’s my blog and my prerogative. If you comment (and I hope that you will), please be polite and constructive, not a hater and deconstructive (because then I’ll simply erase your comment and you’ll have spend time on literally ‘nothing’).

By digging deeper, I’m simply trying to empty my head of all the things that keep bugging me after having read a book, having watched a movie, having drowned in a tv show. I can’t stop thinking about these things – but I have to get rid of the thoughts or they’ll just run circles in my head.

I guess, we could call this therapy. I hope you’ll drop by for a session or two, grab a chair, make yourself some tea, listen (read), and leave with some thoughts of your own.